22 Days Strong

For quite some time I have wanted to begin this journey.  I envisioned myself starting this amazing journey becoming healthier every step of way.  Losing weight, eating veggies, exercising as a family and documenting every milestone along the way.  The problem was I never actually wanted to start.  I didn’t want to change my eating habits.  Who enjoys exercising?  Well, some do.  But not necessarily me.  Documenting/Blogging would mean I must commit to the work.  So here I am!  Ready to start.  Well, I started 22 days ago.  That really isn’t that long.  However, it is super long for me.  For 22 days I have stuck with an eating plan, worked out every single day, and made changes I had been dreaming of for some time now.  This is my space.  My space to keep moving and pushing forward.