Journey with Jackie Kay
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About Jackie Kay

dsc_0042I am an amazing and capable child of God, a talented and dedicated mother- and a passionate caretaker and truth seeker of my body, mind, and soul!

Inspiring people is my passion!  I help, train, and teach people to live their best life now! I use various methods- and can assist individuals to take charge of their health; the health of their physical bodies, the health of their minds, and the health of their pocketbooks.

I love to travel to warm places, especially ones with a beach! I like skydiving and would like to learn how to fly an airplane. I like dancing, watching movies, and listening to live music. I love Learning!

I’ve worked in many industries, from restaurants, banking and mortgages to the healing arts of Massage Therapy and Personal Training.

NOW I’ve discovered a way to creatively network and market on the internet, developing leaders in a trillion dollar industry and I enjoy sharing and teaching  this insight with my friends.