I turned 40 this year.  And like millions of women I read Girl Wash Your Face.  These two events (and a couple other things) have me asking and truly digging deep.  What is it that makes people happy?  Not a momentary fleeting happiness, but a deep joy that spills out of them.  You meet them.  You spend 10 minutes with them and you can feel it.  It’s an energy that you want.  And not in a weird way, like being a psycho.  But you truly enjoy their presence.  You may not even realize what or why you enjoy hanging with them.  It’s just their joy for life, for friends, their kindness and grace for others that’s refreshing and inviting.  What makes you happy?  What would make you happy if you aren’t already there?  New car?  Bigger house?  A spouse?  A new spouse (lol)?  Change in career?  If I could only lose 10, 20, or 30 pounds?  (I have been saying that since the 3rd grade!)  Those are all exterior things.  Don’t the so-called experts say happiness is something obtained on the inside?  External things, materialistic items and other people can not create or determine YOUR happiness.  So what is the key?  What would make you open your eyes every morning with a heart full of joy?


22 Days Strong

For quite some time I have wanted to begin this journey.  I envisioned myself starting this amazing journey becoming healthier every step of way.  Losing weight, eating veggies, exercising as a family and documenting every milestone along the way.  The problem was I never actually wanted to start.  I didn’t want to change my eating habits.  Who enjoys exercising?  Well, some do.  But not necessarily me.  Documenting/Blogging would mean I must commit to the work.  So here I am!  Ready to start.  Well, I started 22 days ago.  That really isn’t that long.  However, it is super long for me.  For 22 days I have stuck with an eating plan, worked out every single day, and made changes I had been dreaming of for some time now.  This is my space.  My space to keep moving and pushing forward.